Being Your Best

Being your Best – A new Speaking Book Created for the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) with the Rotary Club of Hilton Head and funded by the National Lottery

Being Your Best Speaking Book

This new Speaking Book, Being Your Best to be launched in South Africa in July, is to be showcased at the forthcoming Rotary International Convention in Atlanta June 10-14, 2017 (visit us at Booth 2017 in the Hall of Friendship)
Being Your Best addresses critical issues impacting South African youth, such as bullying, violence, using drugs, alcohol and tobacco – and experiencing sadness or depression.

SADAG is an award winning organization that serves as a support network for the many thousands of South Africans who live mental health problems and struggle daily. SADAG’s Outreach for Schools provides ongoing classroom interaction so that students know the symptoms of suicide and where to urgently turn for help.

To date, SADAG has trained more than 1 million youth by visiting over 600 schools. Being Your Best __will be distributed as part of the SADAG/Rotary Teen Suicide Prevention Schools Program. The 160 member Rotary Club of Hilton Head donated money towards the SADAG program and is looking to extend this support by partnering with other Rotary Clubs

Being your Best Speaking Book

Being Your Best recommends eating healthy foods; exercising on a regular basis, avoiding drugs, alcohol, smoking and finding motivating activities when they are feeling sad, anxious, or depressed. In addition this Speaking Book provides information about establishing peer support groups, which provides a safe forum where students can meet to share their problems, and the challenges they face with their peers who have experienced similar situations. SADAG provides free information and training to students interested in starting their own peer support groups

Being Your Best

This latest Speaking Book supports the organization’s mission of educating youth and providing critical health information and life skills in an easy to use format. These hardback and long lasting Speaking Books consist of 16 pages with colorful and culturally appropriate illustrations supported by straightforward and easy to understand text. Each page has a corresponding push button that activates a soundtrack in the relevant languages, often recorded by local celebrities.

The information in Speaking Books is always seen, read, heard and understood with powerful retention results


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