Children Coping with Cancer

Children Coping with Cancer

We are delighted to announce the creation of a new bilingual English/Spanish Speaking Book® for Children in America having to Cope with Cancer.

Children Coping with Cancer

For the first time there will be a colorful, well illustrated book that with a push of a button will read to the Child in their own language, and no matter their level of reading comprehension, the messaging will be seen, read, heard and understood to help them understand their illness and what they are facing.

This exciting collaboration was made possible with support from Pfizer and also has the endorsement of the World Medical Association, which is the global federation that represents millions of physicians worldwide. The Rotary Club of Hilton Head through their Early Act program for young Rotarians, will be providing the school children to narrate the Speaking Books® in English and Spanish.

As a stage 4 cancer survivor, and founder of the Speaking Book® program, I have experienced first-hand both the treatment and the confusing array of treatment options, and question how anyone receiving a cancer diagnosis can make sense of what they are facing. This is even more complicated for low literacy patients and preschool children. All agree it is a major problem aggravated by the absence of suitable health educational material, particularly for those whose home language is not English.

In the words of Marc Chioda, Medical Director, Pfizer Oncology; “Our experience with all Speaking Books® has always been so positive, and we know this latest book will go a long way to help reduce Children’s Fears and improve their understanding of Cancer, that it is not catching, was not their fault, and that they are being looked after by wonderful people dedicated to their treatment.”

For anyone wishing to know more about this initiative, and in particular;

Children’s Cancer Centers needing Speaking Books® for their pediatric patients, or able to provide support, or additional funding, or
Rotary Clubs wanting to help with distribution to their local Children’s Cancer Centers, or Major Funders looking to support this initiative either with additional funding to reach thousands more Children for the Speaking Book® currently in production, or to invest in a new version for a developing country or community, Please contact:

Brian Julius; / C: 1-843-298-1017

To date, we have created Speaking Books® in more than 35 languages for distribution in over 30 countries world wide.

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