Greetings From Speaking Books, and Hilton Head Rotarians at the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta

Speaking Books Convention

Speaking Books Convention

Rotary International’s biggest get-together of the year occurred in Atlanta last week with more than 34,000 members from 174 countries, gathering to renew friendships, find inspiration, and celebrate The Rotary Foundation’s 100 years of Doing Good in the World.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates lighting up Rotary with his pledge to add $450 million to Rotary’s $150 Million

Those attending witnessed the historic announcement of $1.2 billion being pledged by nations and key donors from around the world to energize the global fight to end polio. With just 5 cases of this paralyzing disease being reported this year down from the 350,000 pa when Rotary first launched its mission to End Polio in 1987, this is the most remarkable achievement saving millions thanks to Rotary and their generous partners.

Speaking Books Convention

We not only got to attend this wonderful Convention, but were also invited by Rotary International to put on a display, in the House of Friendship, our Speaking Books that have been supplied to every Health Care Worker in Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan to educate those at risk about Polio prevention and immunization. We are so proud to be part of this life saving initiative.

We also got to demonstrate our new Speaking Book, “Being Your Best” for South African Youth, funded by the National Lottery and our very own Rotary Club of Hilton Head as part of their support for SADAG and Teen Suicide Prevention

Our very best wishes to the many new friends we made during the Convention and to the more than 500 Rotarians that left their cards and contact details with us. Please be patient as we work through the list, but we will be in touch very soon.

Yours in Rotary