Multi-media Educational Tool Increases Knowledge of Clinical Trials in Uganda

The World Medical Journal studied the effect of using Speaking Books.

By Official Journal of the World Medical Association, INC (May 2014 Issue)

The objective was to evaluate the improvement in knowledge in a population unfamiliar with clinical trial concepts about “what it means to be part of a clinical trial” using an innovative educational tool called the ‘Speaking Book’.

The Result: “In summary, the use of a SB multi-media tool for one week after a standard explanation of clinical trials was able to increase comprehension scores significantly compared to participants who received only one
educational session. The SB is an introductory tool that can be used to inform patients on topics common to all clinical trials and may be a valuable adjunctive instrument for use among potential research participants to improve understanding of clinical trials and make an informed decision during the consent process.

To read the whole Article – WMJ-CT-Uganda-article