Pfizer launches Growing Your Health Speaking Book

Speaking Books: The Safe Use of Medicines video thumbnail.

Together with Pfizer, we just launched the new Speaking Book: Growing Your Health – The Wellness Tree, which educates people on the importance of healthy lifestyle to prevent noncommunicable diseases.

Lilian Dube urged the audience to pay closer attention to their health, as well as to begin changing behaviors that increase their risk of cancer, diabetes or heart disease, like smoking, eating unhealthily and avoiding exercise.Dr Jack Watters, Pfizer’s Vice President for External Medical Affairs, said: “NCDs have been overshadowed by the focus on infectious diseases, but continuing to ignore this subject can result in a health catastrophe. These Speaking Books will help people take control of their health and simultaneously overcome the challenge of low literacy – just because someone cannot read, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve access to this vital information.”

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