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Oct 19, 2012
Speaking Books: The Safe Use of Medicines video thumbnail.

Pfizer launches Growing Your Health Speaking Book

Together with Pfizer, we just launched the new Speaking Book: Growing Your Health – The Wellness Tree, which educates people on the importance of healthy lifestyle to prevent noncommunicable diseases. […]
Oct 18, 2012
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CAPAM Awards Presentation

Oct 18, 2012
Speaking Books launch event.

Speaking Book launched targeting non-communicable diseases

Yesterday, the Department of Health launched the first-ever Speaking Book addressing the understanding and prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. According to the World Health […]
Oct 10, 2012

Mental health: Can one person make a difference?

How much difference can one person make? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Today is World Mental Health Day, and I’d like to pay tribute to one woman who […]
Aug 26, 2012

Africa Innovations: 15 Ideas Helping to Transform a Continent

Africa Innovations: 15 Ideas Helping to Transform a Continent A mobile phone database for dairy farmers and a strain of sweet potato that can help fight child blindness. These are […]
Apr 12, 2012
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SOPO the Movie.
Mar 11, 2009
Speaking Books Clinical Trial Informed Consent Video Thumbnail

Clinical Trials – informed consent

A Speaking Book on What it means to be part of a Clinical Trial.
Mar 11, 2009
Speaking Books: Clinical Trial Informed Consent Video Still

Clinical Trials – Informed Consent

Ensuring informed consent is critical in conducting safe and proper clinical trials. Speaking Books ensures it’s done. Check out the video.
Oct 13, 2008
Speaking Books Working n the Community Video Thumbnail

Speaking Books working in the Community

Educating low literacy communities health care, mental health & suicide through Speaking (Audio) Books in Sub Saharan Africa. A documentary created by the South African government to support the Speaking […]
Oct 1, 2008
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Speaking Books® in Action

Healthcare, mental health & suicide audiobooks – The purpose, benefits, and values for speaking books (audio books) for low literacy communities.